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to elect Ede Ferrari-D'Angelo
International Director, Region 10
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“The personal touch, in all levels of our work, is one of our distinguishing features. We are working together.” 
     - Ralph C. Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International
At the Toastmaster Museum 
World Headquarters Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
On my flight home from the Cincinnati International Convention, my seatmate asked me what I felt passionate about. That was the sort of question that could cause one to stop and think for a while before answering. However, after my experience at the convention, my answer was immediate - "Toastmasters". It is what excites me, what I want to do every chance I get, and where I have made so many treasured friends. 
I will be forever grateful to the co-worker who encouraged me to visit for the first time. I had no idea that the decision to join Toastmasters would change me in ways I never believed possible. 
To be honest, the passion did not come right away. It took years of uncovering the many layers of experiences and developing relationships to stir that feeling in me. It was when I took on leadership roles and started to help other Toastmasters realize their dreams that the passion became apparent.  The reality is this - No matter what we accomplish in this organization, it is the relationships that we build that mean the most. No career promotion, no speech contest award, no leadership position is as satisfying as the friendships we make.
That being said, I must acknowledge the importance of the Toastmasters program in my growth as a leader and communicator. Without that I would never be prepared to announce my candidacy for International Director for Region 10. The Toastmasters core values of respect, integrity, service and excellence, and the members of this wonderful organization are the reasons I want to serve as International Director. 
Please spend some time in my flipbook to learn a bit more about my journey and my goals for
this organization. I have the knowledge, experience (1) and the desire to serve you as International Director and appreciate your vote.

(1) Qualifications provided in the Appendix of my flipbook.
Finally, in August 2014, when it is time to assign your proxy, or to vote at the international business meeting ... vote for EDE
"Experience, Dedication and Excellence"
Ede Ferrari-D'Angelo
International Director for Region 10
Nominated by Toastmasters International Leadership Committee